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  • CEO Update
  • Neighbour Aid Update
  • Social activities
  • Client profile: Eileen Bishop
  • Staff profiles: Lisa Loughran & Linda Mancini
  • Recent Events Photos

CEO Update

The release of the Aged Care Royal Commission report at the end of February this year highlights the need for a new aged care system and the profound and far reaching changes required to achieve this goal. The report is confronting in parts and calls for a system-wide transformation of the sector.

The report identified that the system often fails to care for those who are the most vulnerable in our community, including older people with a disability and older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. There is a need to look at a person’s total needs and to ensure their emotional as well as physical needs are being met. This includes treating all people as individuals with their own specific dreams, fears and aspirations being taken into account.

As a starting point, the report calls for trust and safety to be reinforced between aged care providers and the people they care for. The report also identifies the need for an invigorated focus on choice, relationships and fulfilment. 

MWP Care supports the commission’s report and its key findings. Indeed, our organisation is very well placed to be a key agent in delivering the outcomes the report calls for. The core of what MWP Care strives to deliver are the vital goals of improving older peoples safety, their connectedness with others and helping them achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. These were the inspirations of our founders and remain at the heart of who we are today.

To our clients, we continue to reach out to you through our phone and face-to-face care planning calls to better understand your goals and ensure we play an active role in helping you achieve them. We plan for these calls to be a regular feature of our service to you throughout the year. Of course big thank you to our dedicated volunteers who help make our care a reality.

I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress in improving the lives of those we care for. 

Best wishes and stay well.

Kind regards,

Grant Simpson

Neighbour Aid Update

As most of you would be aware, our focus in the Neighbour Aid program has been on re-building services, particularly our social outings, as we emerge from the confines of COVID-19 restrictions. It was very pleasing to put on two movie days in February – one a viewing of Penguin Bloom and the other, The Dry. Both are wonderful Australian films and added to the experience for the clients and volunteers that attended. In March we have ramped up our group outings to almost pre-COVID levels. There are regular outings (a minimum of 2 per week) with a mix of traditional, well-enjoyed activities like picnics and visits to clubs, as well as some new offerings. Some examples of new activities are in our April-May calendar and include things like an Anzac Day poppy making workshop at Narrabeen RSL on 21 April and Mother’s Day flower workshop at The Tramshed in Narrabeen on 5 May. Please call our office if you are interested in these events.

Client profile: Eileen Bishop

Eileen was the first of our clients to participate in our client survey. She had lots of interesting stories to share so we thought she would make the perfect candidate for our first client profile. It turns out she had lots more great stories when we met her, including being part of an entertainment family. Here she tells some stories in her own words.

I was born and raised in Dublin – the fair city where the girls are so pretty. I’ve got one (older) brother. He lives in Kangaroo Valley.

I met an Australian (John Bishop) and we hit it off. We had three children together before coming to Australia (in 1969). He had to pay for his fare but I came on the 10 Pound Pom scheme. When my kids grew up I encouraged them to travel to Ireland and they all did and came back saying, “thank you very much for coming to Australia”.

My brother is Sean Kramer. He used to be quite famous. He used to work a lot on television. My father, brother and I were a comedy trio. We did clubs, sketches and so on. My dad’s name was Jack Kirwan. He was very famous in Ireland. My dad always wanted to be a magician. He started talking to the audience and telling a few jokes then he became more of a comedian and did comedy/magic. 

I was on the TV quiz show Temptation in the early 70s. My husband also was a contestant and between us we won lots of bits and pieces including a new kitchen.

I got some shopping support from MWP Care when I was sick last year. It’s wonderful the stuff that you do. It’s really comforting to know there are people like you out there.

Staff profile: Lisa Loughran

When did you start with MWP Care?

What is your role?
Building Services Administrator

Why do you do what you do?
I like to do a job with a customer service focus and working for MWP Care is very rewarding.   

What do you enjoy most about working here?
The staff at MWP Care are lovely and enjoy what they are doing so it is a good work environment. I come to work feeling positive and looking forward to the day ahead and hopefully making a difference.

Have you had any funny/interesting experiences?
I called an elderly lady about a home modification today and she was on the phone to me for 20 minutes telling me about her life. She has just lost her husband and was telling me funny stories about bringing up her children and how it was for her when she first moved to Sydney from the country at the age of 20. I loved hearing all about her life and feel privileged that she shared her stories with me.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love to exercise and do yoga and walk daily. I have children aged 11 and 13 which keeps me pretty busy but when they are with their father I enjoy going out to hear live music, spending time with friends, eating out, reading. I also love overseas travel and am looking forward to the day we can do it again!

Is there something unique or different you have done that many people wouldn’t know?
When I was younger I lived in Rome for a few years working for the United Service Organisation. I learnt to speak Italian and now I have a scooter.

Staff Profile: Linda Mancini

When did you start with MWP Care?
I started with MWP care on 10/02/20.

What is your role?
My role started as a receptionist but has progressed to include Intake Administrator.

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I enjoy working with people.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
I enjoy making a difference even in the smallest way to people’s lives.

Have you had any funny/interesting experiences?
An interesting experience was when I went up to the War Vets to be there when our client Betty Brown was interviewed for the MWP Care video we shot in 2020.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work I enjoy walking, gardening and cooking and a good book.

Is there something unique or different you have done that many people wouldn’t know?
I lived for a year on the island of Crete working in a friend’s restaurant.

Here’s a list of our recent social activities

2/3/21 Chinese CALD group meeting – St David’s Church, Dee Why
Clients: 13

13 3/2/21 Italian CALD group outing – Wendy Whitely’s Secret Garden, Lavender Bay
Clients: 5

9/2/21 Chinese CALD group picnic – Walter Gors Park, Dee Why
Clients: 10

17/2/21 Italian CALD group outing – Blaxland Riverside Park, Sydney Olympic Park
Clients: 7

17/2/21 Movie – Penguin Bloom – Uniting Cinemas, Warriewood
Clients: 21

22/2/21 Filipino CALD group lunch – Corretto restaurant, Dee Why Beach
Clients: 8

23/2/21 Serbian CALD group outing – Clark Park, Lavender Bay
Clients: 9

24/2/21 Movie – The Dry – Warringah Mall
Clients: 27

2/3/21 Social Group Outing – Church Point Ferry and Lunch
Clients: 8

3/3/21 Italian CALD group outing – North Harbour Reserve, Balgowlah
Clients: 7

4/3/21 Social Group Outing – Kirribilli Club and Sunset Café Lunch
Clients: 8

9/3/21 Serbian CALD group lunch – St David’s Church, Dee Why
Clients: 15

15/3/21 Social Group Outing – Watson’s Bay Hotel
Clients: 5

Photos from some of our events