Volunteers are the heroes and heroines of every society. They are universally cheerful, good-natured and exceedingly generous of spirit. Above all, they are the ‘do-ers’ of this world and they deserve to be celebrated frequently and enthusiastically.

It was with this in mind, that the management and staff of MWP Care Inc (MWP-CI) held a get-together at the Tramshed Café in Narrabeen on 13th March.

We had a very good turn up, despite the buckets of rain. The inclement weather made for a cosy environment inside the café and didn’t dampen the lively spirits of all who attended.

People got to know each other and shared stories; there were many smiles and a lot of laughter. We got to chatting informally about the motivation to volunteer: some said it provided interesting engagement with a sense of service; one said she had always been shy but volunteering opened a new opportunity to meet people and do good at the same time; another succinct comment was, ‘Well when you’ve had a busy working life, you ache for something interesting and positive to do with your time … and this is it for me’ and her colleagues agreed.

(If you know someone who would like to volunteer, Bronwyn Brent would love to hear from you; best way to reach her is to phone 02-9913-3244 or email bbrent@mwpcommunityaid.com.au )

We got the impression that all who attended would like to do it again – and soon. Very special thanks to MWP-CI’s volunteer co-ordinator, Bronwyn who, with her team, organised this happy event. Bronwyn is already planning the next one, so you should hear from her in the next few months.

We are delighted with the positive feedback and thank you so much for coming along. Your enthusiasm is contagious – and we are so glad you enjoyed an hour or two of relaxation with people who, like you, are the salt of the earth.